Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

One of the most looked forward to events in a new mum’s life is her baby shower. This is the occasion that brings all sorts of helpful gifts such as baby carriages, baby swings, diapers, newborn clothing, dummies, bottles, and just about anything a new baby and mother will need to get through those first few months. Because this occasion is so special it is important to make sure it is planned perfectly and that everyone who should be on the guest list is.

Generally speaking, baby showers have traditionally been comprised of all women but these days people are inviting men to the showers as well. It really depends on the man and whether or not a baby shower sounds like something he would enjoy.  The first thing to remember is that the baby shower should occur during the third trimester. This is not necessarily written in stone but it is considered, in many circles, to be bad luck to plan one prior to that.

If the gender of the baby is known then the theme can be geared toward a boy or a girl. If there are twins and one of each then it will be all the more fun to decorate! For girl baby showers a pink and frilly décor usually works nicely and for boys the traditional blue. Everything down to the cake can be specific when the gender is known. Of course, even with modern medicine there are still some couples who do not want to know the sex of their baby. If that is the case then a general décor like yellows and other neutral colours are best.

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