Put a Theme to Your Baby Shower with Baby Shower Decorations

The overdone balloons and streamers in pink and blue of yesteryear have finally been replaced with unique and imaginative decorations.  There is no limit one what can be done for a baby shower.  Even showers with themes such as couples, environmentally friendly, holidays, and children’s stories are all acceptable themes to choose for a baby shower no matter if the budget is small or extravagant.


A couples theme baby shower can be centered around a backyard barbeque, at a beach destination, or even during a televised sports game.  By purchasing invitations and decorative novelties that tie into the couples theme you have chosen, moms as well as dads will feel comfortable joining in the festivities.  One great party idea is to hold a gender neutral game like sports and pop culture trivia.


If Christmas will be the holiday theme you chose for your baby shower, a Christmas tree decorated with baby booties, pacifiers, teething rings, and other useful objects for infants is a fantastic idea.  The tree can be completed with a baby blanket acting as a tree skirt.

Easter is another popular holiday choice.  Put the final touches on this baby shower theme with centerpieces created from Easter baskets and fill them with essential baby items for the expectant mother to take home with her.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly showers are all the rage right now.  With this kind of shower, the event usually takes place in the park, at the beach, or in the hostess’ back yard.  Packets of vegetable, flower, and plant seed can be utilized for thank you notes, invitations, and table placements.  Plants and flowers can be wonderful decorative ideas.  Guests can take turns naming celebrities who have contributed to eco-friendly causes for party game fun.

Children’s Stories

The classic children’s books theme is another unique baby shower idea that can be infused into the shower in a variety of ways.  Stuffed animals and poster cut-outs of characters are the ideal decorations.  The hostess can provide a cake with a popular story character theme and attendees could give the expectant mother story books to begin the baby’s book collection.

For Those on a Budget

Not everybody has a large budget to work with in regards to baby showers; here are a few creative, inexpensive ways to punch up any baby shower.  Centerpieces can be created with a bowl of water, rocks for the bottom, and rubber ducks floating on top.  Or guests may circulate a blank book or a diary in order to write down helpful hints, words of wisdom, humorous anecdotes, and comforting advice to present to the mother at the end of the shower for her to refer to during times when she needs extra encouragement and support.

From Colors to Decor–Choosing Your Baby Shower Theme

If you have taken it upon yourself to plan a baby shower for a relative, coworker, or close friend, the first task you must complete is choosing the theme for the baby shower.  The options are endless so there will be no limit to the level of creativity you can apply.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

The Occupation Theme

One option to consider is basing the baby shower on what the expectant mother or father does for a living.  This is a unique idea that if executed correctly, is sure to be a surprisingly big hit.  Some examples of occupation theme baby showers are military themed, firefighter inspired decor, or farm animals galore.

Of course, this might not the best idea if the expectant parents are accountants or salespeople; however, novelty stores carry quite a few interesting items that can help you incorporate a less exciting theme into the shower.

The Baby Nursery Theme

Another fantastic idea is a theme based on the overall look of the baby’s nursery.  A lot of parents, especially first-time parents, have a theme idea in mind for their baby-to-be’s nursery.  The more popular themes today’s parents are choosing include cute characters, gender-based decor, or prints and patterns.  If mom and dad have already chosen a theme for the nursery, matching the theme of the party to that of the nursery will be a breeze.

In association with the baby nursery shower idea, you could use items for the nursery as decor objects for the party.  For example, crib sheets can double for table cloths and baby bottles can be utilized as centerpiece flower holders.  This will give the party a personalized touch.

The Color Theme

The color theme may be a classic, commonly used one, but it is a tasteful, appropriate theme.  If the parents already know the gender of the child, it will make your job a lot easier.  Of course, if that knowledge is not available to you, there are plenty of lovely, gender-neutral colors such as yellow, cream, green, and peach.  Although prints and patterns are cutesy and fun, if the expectant mother prefers a more sophisticated and stylish approach, a monochromatic scheme will fit the bill beautifully.

More Sources of Inspiration

Most importantly, whenever you have been chosen to throw a baby shower, never be afraid to incorporate unique choices.  The internet is a great resource.  You can jump on forums geared to arts and crafts, party planning, and expectant mothers to glean some ideas from other members.

There is also the option of visiting one of the many websites that sell baby shower supplies such as party favors, invitations, and shower games.  As long as you feel the theme falls in line with the parents’ tastes, there is no limit to your choices.

Baby Shower Themes That Will Punch Up Any Party

Before any invitations can be mailed, a baby shower hostess must first decide on a theme for the party.  Usually, one central theme is chosen and included into almost every aspect of the baby shower–invitations, decorations, party favors, games, and thank you notes.

Popular and Adorable

Popular choices for themed baby showers abound.  A few examples include bumble bees, Noah’s ark, cutesy bugs, frogs, bunny rabbits, teddy bears, nursery rhymes, fire trucks, and princess symbols.  For today’s baby showers, almost any theme goes.

Besides the theme, a color or color combination should be chosen.  Many times a hostess will go with the expectant mother’s favorite color in order to give the party a personalized touch and infuse that color into not only invitations and decor, but also food and party favors.  And the selection of invitations on the market can fit almost any theme imaginable.

Sophisticated or Down to Earth

Surprisingly, many party planners are deciding to shift the shower’s focus from the baby, instead projecting it towards the expectant mother.  This type of shower usually provides nice ways to shower the mother with gifts of spa treatments, expensive chocolates, and luxurious bath sets.  Even the invitations for these modern baby showers showcase the event’s sophistication.

On the other hand, there are eco-friendly baby showers for moms with environmental concerns.  This kind of baby shower requires all invitations, decorations, and favors to be Mother Nature friendly.  Invitations and other items made out of 100% recycled materials are perfect to use.  The hostess for an eco-friendly baby shower should include information on the invitations that informs guests of the mother’s desire for environmentally friendly gifts such as organic clothing and toys made from wood instead of plastic.

Traditional and Cultural

For those who prefer their baby shower be on the traditional side, themes based on animals and nursery rhymes are ideal.  Garden and tea parties complete with invitations of a floral theme are also two other fantastically traditional ideas.  These parties are perfect to host at an outdoor location such as the hostess’ backyard garden or a botanical garden.  Doing this allows for minimal decorating since the flowers take care of that issue.  It is important to mark the invitation with a “semi-formal attire” request.

One final baby shower theme to keep in mind is the cultural one.  This theme takes into consideration the culture and heritage of the expectant parents.  The invitations will of course be centered on their culture and the hostess as well as guests may provide traditional dishes and gifts.  Decoration ideas include hanging the national flags of the parent’s native countries.  Although the dizzying array of baby shower theme options can be overwhelming, you will recognize the right one when you find it.

Baby Shower Themes and Planning for Modern Parents

Although making plans for a baby shower may be fun, it can be overwhelming at times too.  There are many details that can not be overlooked, like the latest in baby shower trends and themes, proper etiquette, and the various factors that are necessary for planning a baby shower.  There is also the subject of purchasing decorations and other supplies.  If your budget is tight, fashioning the shower decorations yourself is a creative, cost-cutting option.

Trends and Themes

The theme of the baby shower is without a doubt the most important decision to make as it will influence every other choice you select for the upcoming party.  The goal is to select a theme that will add an extra special element to the festivities, one that reflects the style of the expectant mother.  Thankfully, almost any theme is acceptable for modern baby showers; however, every theme suggestion should get the mother’s stamp of approval before the shower planning goes any further.

Proper Etiquette

The rules of traditional etiquette state that relatives should refrain from hosting the event to avoid making it appear as the mother’s family is requesting presents.  But these are modern times in which we live and as you may well know, many people are choosing to take some of these etiquette rules and toss them out the window.  So if your favorite aunt wants to host your baby shower, feel free to let her do so.

Various Necessary Factors

When choosing what foods you will serve, your budget, the scheduled time, and the level of the baby shower’s formality will all play a part in your decisions.  Just as with baby shower decorations, food can be matched to the theme–sit-down dinners for a formal event, a buffet spread for a semi-formal shower, or chips and sandwiches for a casual get together.

There are also baby shower games to consider.  Some of the well-received and popular shower games include bingo, diaper games, word puzzles, and baby name activities.  Any of these games will make the shower more fun and memorable.  You also have the choice of giving away party favors as game prices, towards the end of the shower, or at both times.

Baby Shower Planning Tips

After you have chosen the date for the baby shower, discuss the tentative date with the mom-to-be in order to make sure she does not have any prior commitments scheduled for that day.  Any key guests, such as the expectant mom’s grandmother, who are coming out of town should be consulted as well.  While it is impossible to accommodate everyone, try your best to ensure that the people most important to the mother will be in attendance.