Decorations at a baby Shower

Many people throw a party and the first thing they think about is the decorations. It is something which could be important to the mother but it is important to think of many other things as well. If you have a limited budget as well then you should definitely be thinking about the cost of the venue and the food before worrying about the way it is decorated.

It is nice, of course to come up with something but it need not be traditional such as balloons and it need not be commercially bought. It could be a lovely touch if you have some bunting but ask each guest to design one of the flags or write a message on it so they then have a lovely memento of the occasion. If someone is good at embroidery then it could be fabric and then someone could sew over the messages. Another nice touch could be to use baby bunting made of fabric, knitted or crocheted which has been hand made and then this can also act as a lovely decoration for the new babies room.

Making a decoration which can then be a gift is also a great way of reusing something and is therefore also great if you have an environmental theme for your baby shower. It is possible to have lovely and heart felt decorations without costing a fortune and which will be much more appreciated than something expensive which is disposable. Putting lots of thought in to something, rather than lots of money is not only a lovely gesture, but people will probably not even notice that less money has been spent. Just make sure you use your planning time carefully and you should easily be able to come up with something spectacular, unique and well appreciated.

Games or no Games?

It can be difficult knowing whether to have games at a baby shower or not. Most parties do not really need games to get things going. Many of the guests may not know each other and so games could help to break the ice and force everyone to be together as a group. However, some people do not like games and sometimes the games chosen may not be to everyone’s taste.

It could be a better idea for the hostess to just introduce all of the guests or ask them to introduce themselves to the group. If this is difficult or not appropriate then maybe provide guests with a name badge. It is amazing how much this can help people to get talking as they at least know one thing about each other. A good plan could be to have some games ready but only use them if you think it is necessary. If things go a bit quiet then maybe suggest a game and see what sort of response you get. It could be a great way to liven things up but if people are not keen then leave it.

Do not spend too long planning the games and then you will not be disappointed if the games are not played. If you have made something up, then you can always leave it with the mother afterwards so that she can play it if she wants to (of course depending on the type of game). The choice of whether to play games may also depend on the age of the guests. It may be that younger people would prefer to play games and older people may just prefer to have a slice of cake, cup of tea and a chat. It could be worth chatting to some of the people invited to find out what they think.

Throwing a Green Baby Shower

A green baby sower is something which is becoming more and more popular. Green, not meaning the colour so much as the environmental reference. If this is something that you are considering then you need to think about decorations, food and games that tie in.

The first thing to consider is that you will want your decorations to be made of recycled material or can be recycled or reused afterwards or both. This can be quite a tricky thing to do. Something simple you could do would be to cut out leaves from old newspaper or flowers and just string them around. This can be pretty as well as signifying new life and the environment all in one. Maybe lots of plants could also be used as part of the decoration and maybe as gifts too. If the mother wants eco friendly gifts then it would be a good idea to make sure that the guests are aware of this or even have a gift list for them to choose from.

She may want fair trade products, organic, and environmentally friendly, which may not be the first choice of most people. It may even be worth mentioning to people that they may want to gift wrap using paper which can be recycled so maybe using ribbon to tie it so there is no need for tape. This sort of small attention to detail could really help make the party far more appreciated by the mother. Food could also be made organic and from local ingredients and maybe the ones that are not local being fair trade. If it is the mother that is very keen on this sort of thing then it could be wise to discuss the details with her to make sure that everything is as she would like it.

Baby Shower Colour Themes

If you want to choose a particular colour for your baby shower theme then this can make for a lovely way to keep the decorations and food tied in together.

However, it can be difficult knowing how to be unique and different with this. Pink, blue or white have pretty much been overdone in this sort of area before, but you may find that the decorations are all available in these colours. Therefore if you do want something more interesting, perhaps purple, red or yellow, then you may have to be more imaginative. You may have to hand make your decorations and would certainly have to have a custom made cake rather than being able to just buy one. It could certainly be worth taking a look at what decorations are available and what colours they come in, before you make a final decision with regards to the colour.

You may even find that you decide on a different theme once you see what you can get hold of. You need to think about what the favourite colour is of the mother you are throwing the party for because it would be really nice to consider that when selecting your colour. Obviously you do not want to use one that she does not like but it would be nice to do one that is a favourite of hers. If you are going to keep the food (particularly the cake) in with the colour scheme, then think hard because certain colours may not look good on a cake. A dark green would probably not be too attractive or maybe even a purple. If you do not have a good eye for colour then perhaps it might not be the best idea for a theme, but you could always get someone to help you with ideas. It could certainly help everything to tie up well together.

Keeping a Unique Baby Shower Theme

If you have chosen a baby shower theme and then suddenly find that a close friend of the mother or family member have also chosen the same theme then it could put you in a bit of a fix. You may like your party to have a unique theme and to think that someone else has similar then this could be upsetting for you, especially if you have spent a long time planning every detail and the mother likes things to be special.

However, just because someone has got a similar theme to you, it does not mean that your parties have to be anything like the same. If you think about the guests for example. They will be different and so the atmosphere of the party will be different. Also it is unlikely that your decorations will be exactly the same or that the food or games will be the same and so all of these things will make it different. Some people do get quite worried about doing something the same as someone else that it might look like they were copying or they don’t like the idea of being copied.

However, surely it is flattering to be copied because someone obviously thought you had a good idea and if it is just coincidence that you have planned the same thing, then you obviously both had a great idea. It is too much work and stress to try to reorganise a party because you think the theme is too similar. Just relax, enjoy it and the guests will probably hardly notice anyway. It is all about pampering the Mother and so you should be worrying about that rather than the theme. If your theme is subtle anyway, then it will not be that much of an issue anyway.