Importance Of Baby Shower Themes and Gift Baskets

In many countries today, a lot of people celebrate the baby shower event. The event itself is to celebrate the coming of the new born. The parents hold a party where guests are invited and they bring gifts for the mother. The term ‘shower’ actually means that the expecting mother of the child is showered with gifts.

The whole event is organized using themes that best describes how the parents see their new born. The theme is what puts life into the event; it ensures that the held party is fun, entertaining and a very memorable experience for both the parents and the guests.

Before selecting a theme, it is really important to jolt down points about the baby shower theme that you are going to use. Important points such as where is the event supposed to be held, what will be the food, what will be the location decorated with and whom to invite.

Many women like the idea of a theme that surrounds around a tea party; there are gift baskets that go along with the tea party. Gift baskets are ideal for any theme as they provide life to any theme that is decided.

How Can You Make Your Baby Shower Theme A Unique One

Baby shower is a joyful event, especially for the mum. If anyone out there can make something on their own, they should. Anything made by your own hand means that you really put your heart into it as opposed to buying things from shops. Here are some unique decoration ideas for mums who really want to make a difference!

You can make a special bouquet and present them with unique decorations. You can put pacifiers in the middle of the bouquet to give it a unique look.  Take some small red and green silk flowers; wrap them around to form a cone. Cover the cone with gold foils and tie it with a ribbon which would wound itself around the pacifier’s base and comes out of the loop of it.  In addition to this, you can add a diaper pin on one side of the foil with a pearl in the middle.

You could also make a cot using origami. Make dozens of these and wrap them with red and yellow ribbons around their tops to give a feel of quilt. In the middle, you can attach a pacifier with small silk flowers on them. These unique baby shower theme ideas can really bring out your love for the new born.

Easy Home-Made Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes are important for parents as they are held to celebrate the birth of a new born. Many people resort to themes that are easily made in the home rather than buying it from stores. Here are some ideas mothers can use to come up with a homemade theme.

You can start by making mint bags out of mesh. The requirements for these bags are two yards of netting for 15 bags each. After knitting the bags together, you can put chocolates or mints in them and cover them with a colorful ribbon. The next step is to make floating candles, which are easily made in home and adds up to the overall theme. The requirements for making these are wine glasses in the shape of a goblet. You can decorate their stem with flowers and ribbons. You can then purchase a set of candle molds and melt the wax and put it into the mold.  When the wax gets hard, you can carefully remove it.

Another popular idea amongst many mothers is a diaper cake. These cakes are easily made and can be decorated with diaper rash cream, spoon set or any items you would like.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas For A Baby Girl

If you are a first time parent expecting a baby girl, it is really important for you to come up with a perfect shower theme for your upcoming little baby girl.
A theme can really bring out an image of the party and there are several ideas for baby girls to choose from. Here are some of the very popular theme suggestions new parents often use.

For a girl, a theme can be as simple as putting up the color pink. Start with invitations, color your cards with bright pink and make cute little hearts on it. Choose pink blankets, pink banners and any other items that match the color of the theme. You can also highlight the theme as a shower for the cute little princess. Pink baby booties can be perfect for a sprinkle theme, where the invited guests are only asked to bring basic gifts for the parents. You can make a diaper cake with pink bibs and decorate it with cute toys.

A theme consisting of cute animals can also be a good idea for a girly theme; girls generally tend to love cute animals. You can decorate your theme by animal paintings that represent farm animals or jungle animals. Disney’s Pooh is a great idea to go with if you decide on going with the animal theme.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas For A Baby Boy

Baby shower themes are exciting events for parents who are expecting a baby. Some parents are clueless as to what theme should they go for with their party. The theme is the most important part of this event and every parent makes sure they come up with a perfect one. When deciding the theme, knowing the gender of the baby can significantly enhance the idea of coming up with an appropriate theme. This article covers baby shower theme ideas for new born baby boys.

Regardless of age, any boy enjoys comics. Comic themed showers are very popular for parents expecting a boy. There are various superhero movies and comics available, and almost everyone enjoys a comic themed party. It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to make your guests wear costumes on the event.  You can simply start the idea by making invitation cards with speech bubbles and drawings of characters in a comic strip.  For the decorations of the theme, you can simply put logos of famous super heroes around the location, such as Spiderman’s web around the corners; batman’s logo on the walls and chairs, Superman’s logo on the table cloths, etc. To make it even more interesting, you can put up a menu on the dinner table with speech bubbles on them.