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Baby Shower Games and Ideas

Below we have a suggested a few most popular baby shower games.

First, we would try to break the ice by asking all the guest to introduce themselves and how they know the proud parents. Below we have listed the most popular baby shower games to play during the baby shower:

Guess How Many Diapers:

Fill a clear container of size 1 diapers. Pass the container around and have the guest write down how many diapers they think are in the container. The person that comes closest to the diaper count wins a prize. The best part is that the mom-to-be wins also, she gets all the diapers in the container!

Nursery Rhymes:

See how many of your guests can remember their rhymes. After being given a single line from a nursery rhyme, can they remember the title of the rhyme it was from. Which rhyme has the line “like a diamond in the sky or to fetch a pail of water”? The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Never say “Baby”:

Start by passing out a baby safety pin to all the guests. Whenever someone says the word “baby” during the shower, any guest that calls it out steals a pin from the other guest who called out the word. At the end of the baby shower, the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Baby Shower Games

Poopy and Smelly Diapers:

Melt 10 different types of chocolate (Snickers, Milky Way, Mr. Goodbar, etc.) in each diaper. Give the guest a pen and paper and pass around the diapers and have each guest take a sniff and write down the name of the chocolate. Be creative with your candy bars. Mounds bars will create chunky poo, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups will create a light brown poo. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

The Taste Test:

Purchase 10 different baby food jars. Take off the labels jars. Pass around one jar at a time and have the guests write down the flavor of the food (carrots, peas, sweet potato). If there is a tie, blindfold both women and have them taste one of the jars and guess the right flavor to win a prize.

TV Family Game:

Pass out a pen and a sheet of paper to each guest. On the paper have the names of popular television show families (old and new). Set an alloted time frame and have each guest name the children of that TV family. For example, if the clue was Dan and Roseanne Conner, the guests would need to write DJ, Becky, and Darlene. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

*A few television families to use are:
The Brady Bunch, Married with Children, Family Guy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show, The Simpsons, Full House, Reba

Baby Shower Gift Opening Bingo:

It is traditional to have everyone watch the mommy-to-be open the baby shower gifts at the end of the shower. Sometimes, people may get bored, especially if there are a lot of gifts. A great idea is to have a baby shower present BINGO game. Place numbers on all the gifts and make bingo cards for every baby shower guest that is still there for the present opening. When the mommy-to-be grabs a gift, she lets everyone know the gift number and these numbers coincide with the bingo numbers. The baby shower guest(s) to get bingo wins a prize.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake Memory Game:

Branched off of the traditional memory game, the host would have all of the guests seated in the same room in a circle, if possible. She would carry the diaper cake by the platter and walk around the room circling the guests for a minute or two and then leave the room.

Each guest would have to write down as many items as they can remember that were on the diaper cake….bib, socks, pacifier, etc.  The host would designate a certain amount of time for the guests before stopping the game. The guest who remembered the most amount of items is the winner.  In the event of a tie, the host would collect the papers of the winners and find a few matching words. The host would then have each winner elaborate on those items. For example, if both guests had written bib, hat, socks, and pacifier on their paper the host would then have them elaborate on the bib, hat, socks and pacifier by asking simple questions such as “What color was the pacifier?” “What design was on the bib?” etc.  The guest with the most correct responses wins the tie-breaker.

* An alternative to this game is to use a diaper wreath. The same concept and rules would apply as that of a diaper cake.

Piggy Bank For Baby:

Purchase a piggy bank in pink or blue if the gender is known, or a neutral piggy bank. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can personalize the piggy bank with the new baby’s name, if known. Purchase a calendar, or print one off of your home computer. Place the piggy bank and the calendar on the gift table. Have each guest guess the baby’s birth date by writing their name in a date box on the calendar. For each guess, have the guest place one dollar in the piggy bank. Guests can guess as many dates as they wish, however, each guest requires one dollar to go into the piggy bank.

Purchase a special gift or a gift card to award to the guest who guessed the exact or closest date to the actual birth date. Since you will not be giving out the prize at the baby shower, be sure to get the addresses of each guest so that you can mail out or deliver the prize once the baby is born.  Guests will enjoy this game and the expectant mommy will take home a piggy bank full of baby’s first savings!

Play Dough Babies:

Pass out a small container of Play Dough to each guest. Give them 10 minutes to create the most life-like baby. The mom-to-be selects the best Play Dough baby and awards the winning guest with a prize.

Baby Word Matching:

Prior to the shower the host(ess) writes a single word on a piece of paper. If the gender is unknown, the host(ess) should write some of the words in pink and some in blue. (If boy gender, use blue and green – If girl gender use pink and purple) Tape the sheets of paper on the wall prior to guests arriving. Once ready to play, hand each guest a sheet of paper and have them create as many matching phrases as they can. Example: In pink the word can say “Sleep” and in blue the word could say “Deprived”. In pink the word could say “Diaper” and in blue the word could say “Change”. Set an alloted time limit and the guest who has the most correct matching phrases wins.

Guess The Width of the Belly:

Pass around a roll of ribbon or toilet paper to all of your guests.  Ask your guests to guess the width of the mom-to-be’s belly.  Cut their ribbon or toilet paper at their estimate.  After all guests have their estimates in their hands, one by one have them wrap their ribbon or toilet paper around the expectant mother’s belly. Whoever comes the closest wins.

* If using toilet paper for this game and length of time is an issue, have the expectant mother wrap herself after all of the guests have cut their estimates. The expectant mother counts the number of toilet paper squares used and calls out the correct number. Each guest then counts their estimated slice and whoever comes the closest is the winner. This method cuts down on time by eliminating each guest from coming up individually to measure against the mom-to-be’s belly.

Diaper Changing Race:

Match guests up in teams of two and give them a baby doll or a teddy bear. One person is the “right” hand and the other is the “left” hand. Have each team diaper the “baby” … BLIND FOLDED! The team who does so the fastest wins!

Paper Plate Baby:

Give each guest a pen and a paper plate. Have them put the paper plate on top of their head and draw a baby’s face on the plate. Typically, a one minute time limit is set for this game. The guest who drew the best baby face wins!

Baby Bottle Chugging Contest:

Fill 4oz baby bottles up with juice, soda or water. The guest who can chug the baby bottle in the quickest amount of time is the winner! This game is simple but very enjoyable to watch!!

Melt the Ice:

A day or two prior to the baby shower freeze miniature plastic baby pins, bottles, or other accessory into ice cube trays.  As your guests arrive, pass out drinks with one frozen cube in each glass.  The first person to have their ice cube melt and their item freely floating at the top of their glass wins, but only after standing up and shouting “MY WATER BROKE”.

Baby Animals:

If looking for a more challenging game, have each guest write the correct name of a baby animal. Some answers will be duplicated. The guest who has the most correct answers wins the prize!

Here are a few fun things to do at a shower that don’t involve prize giving.

Baby Birthday Card:

Give blank cards and envelopes numbered 1 to the number of guests (say 16) to each guest. Ask them to write a birthday card to the baby for that year of his/her life with appropriate comments and advice for that time of their life. It’s a great gift for the baby, especially as a means of remembering older relatives who are present at the Baby Shower Party.

Time Capsule:

Get a large container and decorate it with your baby theme. Ask guests to bring items to put into a time capsule, such as newspapers, magazines, cds of current music etc… or anything that relates to the current time. Also get each guest to write a note to the baby. In years to come, the mom and child can look back on these items. It’s a great way for the child to see how it was the year they were born.

Photo Frame Keepsake:

Enlarge the ultrasound picture and place in a matted frame. If the baby’s name has been chosen, personalize the frame. Have each guest sign the frame with a marker to welcome the new baby. After the shower is over, the mom can hang the frame in the nursery. This is a wonderful keepsake for both mom and child.