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Baby Shower Theme Ideas For A Baby Boy

Baby shower themes are exciting events for parents who are expecting a baby. Some parents are clueless as to what theme should they go for with their party. The theme is the most important part of this event and every parent makes sure they come up with a perfect one. When deciding the theme, knowing the gender of the baby can significantly enhance the idea of coming up with an appropriate theme. This article covers baby shower theme ideas for new born baby boys.

Regardless of age, any boy enjoys comics. Comic themed showers are very popular for parents expecting a boy. There are various superhero movies and comics available, and almost everyone enjoys a comic themed party. It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to make your guests wear costumes on the event.  You can simply start the idea by making invitation cards with speech bubbles and drawings of characters in a comic strip.  For the decorations of the theme, you can simply put logos of famous super heroes around the location, such as Spiderman’s web around the corners; batman’s logo on the walls and chairs, Superman’s logo on the table cloths, etc. To make it even more interesting, you can put up a menu on the dinner table with speech bubbles on them.