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Baby Showers: Modern verses Traditional

Some would argue that a baby shower is an American invasion amongst the pregnancy of someone from the UK. Although people may have previously had celebrations prior to the birth of their baby, they were certainly not as common as they are today. Many parents expect one of their friends, or actually themselves, to throw a baby shower. What the shower consists of is purely up to either the friends or the parent-to-be, and there are a variety of ways in which the shower can head. Although the main purpose is to literally ‘shower’ the baby, or parent, with gifts, it has been common in the UK over recent years for the shower to turn into a more typical party atmosphere!

Traditionality and Baby Showers

The traditional baby shower was thrown in order to shower the baby with gifts, and it was generally only accepted to be thrown for the first born child, I’m sure we all remember having plenty of clothes handed down! The baby shower would also be an opportunity for the parents and family members of the parent-to-be, to pass on knowledge that they had gained through the various pregnancies they had been through. While this probably still happens, there is no doubt that the original premise has been hijacked. Today parents throw a variety of different showers, both with friends and family, and it is generally expected that guests bring presents for the baby. There is no doubt that someone who had a baby shower in the US in the early 1900s would be extremely shocked by the kind of baby showers we experience today!

A “Modern” Baby Shower Nightmare

Although we’ve reached a point where baby showers are more about the gifts and the company you have, rather than passing on advice, the modern baby shower does not necessarily run smoothly; much like some pregnancies! Sometimes the baby shower is ‘organised’ by parents, and they seem to forget that the baby shower is for your own baby, not theirs. This might lead to some very awkward games being played with people you barely know, when all you wanted was to share a few drinks (strictly non-alcoholic!) with your friends. That being said, people have experiences baby showers where one too many drinks have been consumed by Auntie Mabel who you haven’t seen for 10 years, and she regales you with all the horror stories of her pregnancy.

Perhaps a pointer would be making sure you control the guest list! If you want the baby shower to be as successful as you would like it to be then organise it yourself, the last thing you want to happen is your baby shower to be one to forget. At the end of they day, your pregnancy is your pregnancy, and your baby shower should be your baby shower – whilst remembering your soon to be born baby as well.