in Baby Shower Themes Tips

Decorations at a baby Shower

Many people throw a party and the first thing they think about is the decorations. It is something which could be important to the mother but it is important to think of many other things as well. If you have a limited budget as well then you should definitely be thinking about the cost of the venue and the food before worrying about the way it is decorated.

It is nice, of course to come up with something but it need not be traditional such as balloons and it need not be commercially bought. It could be a lovely touch if you have some bunting but ask each guest to design one of the flags or write a message on it so they then have a lovely memento of the occasion. If someone is good at embroidery then it could be fabric and then someone could sew over the messages. Another nice touch could be to use baby bunting made of fabric, knitted or crocheted which has been hand made and then this can also act as a lovely decoration for the new babies room.

Making a decoration which can then be a gift is also a great way of reusing something and is therefore also great if you have an environmental theme for your baby shower. It is possible to have lovely and heart felt decorations without costing a fortune and which will be much more appreciated than something expensive which is disposable. Putting lots of thought in to something, rather than lots of money is not only a lovely gesture, but people will probably not even notice that less money has been spent. Just make sure you use your planning time carefully and you should easily be able to come up with something spectacular, unique and well appreciated.