in Baby Shower Themes Tips

Easy Home-Made Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes are important for parents as they are held to celebrate the birth of a new born. Many people resort to themes that are easily made in the home rather than buying it from stores. Here are some ideas mothers can use to come up with a homemade theme.

You can start by making mint bags out of mesh. The requirements for these bags are two yards of netting for 15 bags each. After knitting the bags together, you can put chocolates or mints in them and cover them with a colorful ribbon. The next step is to make floating candles, which are easily made in home and adds up to the overall theme. The requirements for making these are wine glasses in the shape of a goblet. You can decorate their stem with flowers and ribbons. You can then purchase a set of candle molds and melt the wax and put it into the mold.  When the wax gets hard, you can carefully remove it.

Another popular idea amongst many mothers is a diaper cake. These cakes are easily made and can be decorated with diaper rash cream, spoon set or any items you would like.