in Baby Shower Themes Tips

How Can You Make Your Baby Shower Theme A Unique One

Baby shower is a joyful event, especially for the mum. If anyone out there can make something on their own, they should. Anything made by your own hand means that you really put your heart into it as opposed to buying things from shops. Here are some unique decoration ideas for mums who really want to make a difference!

You can make a special bouquet and present them with unique decorations. You can put pacifiers in the middle of the bouquet to give it a unique look.  Take some small red and green silk flowers; wrap them around to form a cone. Cover the cone with gold foils and tie it with a ribbon which would wound itself around the pacifier’s base and comes out of the loop of it.  In addition to this, you can add a diaper pin on one side of the foil with a pearl in the middle.

You could also make a cot using origami. Make dozens of these and wrap them with red and yellow ribbons around their tops to give a feel of quilt. In the middle, you can attach a pacifier with small silk flowers on them. These unique baby shower theme ideas can really bring out your love for the new born.