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Making Sure Your Surprise Baby Shower Stays a Surprise

Surprising the mother-to-be with a great baby shower is something that can be quite a challenge these days. Indeed, in the era of email, social networking, and cell phones, it’s pretty hard to keep a secret. We live in a culture that encourages sharing as much information as possible, which means that surprises — even good ones! — just aren’t as easy to keep a secret as they used to be. Despite the shift towards sharing as much information as possible around the clock, it still is quite easy to make sure that the surprise baby shower you planned for a close friend stays a surprise. The surprise effect will make your friend feel cared for and appreciated as you and the rest of her friends get together to celebrate the coming of a newborn child as well as giving gifts to help the new mother get started raising her child.

First, you want to make sure that only a certain number of the mother’s friends know about the baby shower. The fewer people that know about something, the less risk there is of the surprise baby shower being ruined. If you have to end up not saying too much to anyone while you work through all of the planning details, then you may want to take that option. On the other hand, if you know up front that you will need help planning the event, and then you will definitely want to make sure that you get a close friend that can keep a secret. Point out to your “assistant” that you want to make the mother-to-be feel good, which means keeping the baby shower a surprise until it’s time for the event itself.

Another way to make sure that the baby shower stays a surprise is to avoid updating any sort of social networking portal. If you know that people that would easily spill the beans on the secret, the last thing you want to do is announce it to the world. The mother-to-be could end up reading it, which would definitely ruin the surprise completely!

Do you have to make a baby shower a surprise? Definitely not. However, a surprise baby shower is an exciting event that is exciting in part because it comes from nowhere. When you know that the mother-to-be is going through a lot of stress and anxiety about the upcoming child, a surprise baby shower can definitely be just what’s needed to brighten the lady’s day!