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Throwing a Great Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to come together to show their love and support of an expectant mother. If you’ve been given the privilege of throwing a baby shower for the mother-to-be in your life, you want the day to be extra special for her. Decorating the space creatively, organising fun games, and choosing a tasty menu are all important components of a great baby shower. Use this article as a guide for creating a baby shower that everyone—especially the mother-to-be—will enjoy:


A great baby shower begins with the right invitations. One cute idea is to send your invitees pictorial or video e-cards with a personalised message from the mum-to-be. E-cards don’t get easily lost or delayed like regular mail, and make it very convenient for your invitees to quickly RSVP. Make sure to send the invitations out at least five weeks in advance to give your guests enough time to RSVP and go gift shopping.


When it comes to choosing a shower theme, consult with the mum-to-be. Does she want a shower that emphasises the sex of the baby? If so, you could choose a fairy tale or princess theme that uses a pink colour scheme to welcome in a new girl, or a safari or toy car theme with a blue colour scheme for a boy. Gender-neutral ideas include storks, baby cribs, and baby bib decorations. Banners, balloons, and flower centrepieces all help to create a festive atmosphere.


Finger foods and desserts are the most common foods served at baby showers. If you’re hosting the shower at a hotel or restaurant, they’ll likely prepare a small menu for you and your guests. If you’re planning the menu yourself, tea sandwiches, mini quiches, fresh fruits, and vegetables with a tasty dip all make great party foods. A themed cake or individual cupcakes are two dessert favourites.


One fun game is to ask each invitee to bring a photograph as herself as a baby. Collect all of the photos as your guests arrive and play a game in which your invitees must match each baby picture with its adult counterpart.

Challenge your guests to envision—and create their own version—of what the mum-to-be’s baby will look like. Round up a stack of old magazines that guests can cut facial features from and have them paste their creations on a separate sheet of paper. The mum-to-be will choose the winner.

Other fun activities include baby bingo, baby trivia, baby words scrambler, and fill-in-the-blank nursery rhymes. The more creative you get, the more fun your guests are sure to have.


Have the mum-to-be register for the items she needs at her favourite store and send a notice of the registry with all the invitations. Most guests won’t be able to resist buying clothes, toys, and blankets for the new baby, but be sure not to forget about the mum! She might appreciate a stylish, discrete nappy bag or a basket full of goodies she can pamper herself with once the baby arrives.


Don’t forget about the party favours! Baby bottles and baby socks filled with assorted candies make cute favours, as well as tea bags, candles, and pots with fresh cut flowers. All of these mementos communicate a simple “thank-you” to your guests for their attendance and support.