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Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If you are throwing a baby shower, then the guests will all want to bring gifts for the baby. This is a lovely and generous thing for them to do. However, it can be frustrating for the Mother-to-be if she received lots of gifts that are very similar and does not get the things that she really needs. It may therefore be thoughtful for the organiser of the shower to put together a gift list.

It is a good idea to work together with the Mother-to-be on the list. Talk to them about what things they already have for the baby so you can work out what they need. There are lots of things that you can consider and it is good to have different types of things on the list.

baby Duvet Covers


Many people like to give things that can be kept and treasured. These things could include money boxes, bunting, pictures and other gifts that the child will want to keep as they get older. Jewellery shops have this sort of thing, although many items may be felt to be more suitable for a christening gift rather than for a baby shower. However, it will all depend on the Mother-to-be wants.

Practical Things for Baby

Some people enjoy buying gifts that will be useful. They may want to buy things like prams, cots, bedding, baby bath, clothing, nappies and things like that. These can be great gifts because they will save the Mother having to buy them herself and so save her money.

Fun Things for Baby

Some people enjoy buying fun gifts for the baby. Things like teddies and toys perhaps baby gyms or other games that they may like when they are a bit older. Some even like buying books because babies can be read to at any age.

Things for Mother

Some people like to spoil the mother-to-be. There are lots of things that she could have. Flowers are always a nice gift as well as pampering toiletries. It can be lovely to be able to give her lovely things as once she has her child, she will not get a chance to spoil herself. Whether it is something to make her look good such as clothes or accessories or something for the home, she will welcome many things. She may even want to make her bed more cosy as she will need quality sleep and so choosing form a great range of duvet covers or something like that could be a good idea.