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Why it really is OK to let the Father Help with Planning the Baby Shower

There are a lot of guides out there that are focused on helping female friends of the mother-to-be plan a baby shower. A baby shower at its core should be a celebration of the coming of the newborn child, not just the presents that come with the event. If you’re trying to include everyone you can, why not start with the father of the child? Indeed, not too many guides touch on having the father help with the baby shower, simply assuming that men just aren’t interested. However, that’s not the case at all. Most men are absolutely ecstatic about the coming of the new child, especially if it’s their first child. It’s very bad to assume that all men react the same way to the idea of parenthood, and that means you should ask the father of the new child to participate in the baby shower instead of just assuming he’s uninterested in doing so.

Another benefit of asking the father to help with the baby shower is that he may have other ideas for the theme of the baby shower, as well as the baby shower favors and even the baby shower games. It’s something that you will definitely need to think about as you plan. Indeed, putting together an event like a baby shower is definitely stressful, but having the father help you will lower your stress is definitely a good thing.

Due to the stigma surrounding fathers helping with the baby shower, you might want that the father is a bit shy or reluctant to actually help with the baby shower planning. If you work at getting them to calm down and really think about the benefits of contributing to the baby shower, you should have no problem convincing them. It’s truly a natural reaction to be a little hesitant to help with something that has long been seen as the domain of women. A new father-to-be might be feeling just as anxious as the mother-to-be, but if you don’t reach out to him he’ll have no outlet for all that worry and hesitation to go to.

Overall, if you’ve decided to move forward with getting the father to be to actually join in with the baby shower preparation, you’ve definitely made the right decision. If you really take the time to make the father to feel included in the baby shower, you’ll have no problem pulling off a truly successful baby shower in virtually no time at all!